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Pietro Delcanale

Pietro Delcanale
Tel. number(s) 0521 906229
(skype) pietro.delcanale
Room number (codice CIPE) 13-03-0-062-12 (Physics building)
Tutor prof. Cristiano Viappiani
Research project
The research project is focused on the development of protein-based nanostructures for applications in photodynamic therapy and photo-diagnosis. In photodynamic therapy bacterial or tumor cells are killed by mean of an a-specific oxidative damage induced by photo-generated reactive oxygen species: when a molecule called photosensitizer is excited by the absorption of a photon of visible light, it reacts with the oxygen present in the local environment generating cytotoxic reactive oxygen species, particularly singlet oxygen. The aim of the research is to exploit bio-compatible proteins as carrier agents for hydrophobic photosensitizers in order to enhance the photo-generation of singlet oxygen and selectively accumulate the photodynamic agent on target cells (bacteria or tumor cells). The process is followed from the photophysical characterization of the nanostructure in solution to its effect on cells in vitro, upon irradiation with visible light. A wide range of physical techniques is used: steady state and time-resolved spectroscopy, laser flash photolysis and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Fluorescence microscopy (diffraction limited and super-resolution) is used to localize the photosensitizer’s accumulation on cells, while standard  essays are used for quantifying cell death upon irradiation.
Rodríguez-Amigo B, Delcanale P, Rotger G, Juárez-Jiménez J, Abbruzzetti S, Summer A, Agut M, Luque FJ, Nonell S, & Viappiani C (2015) The complex of hypericin with β-lactoglobulin has antimicrobial activity with perspective applications in dairy industry J. Dairy Sci. 98: 89–94.
Delcanale P, Pennacchietti F, Maestrini G, Rodríguez-Amigo B, Bianchini P, Diaspro A, Iagatti A, Patrizi B, Foggi P, Agut M, Nonell S, Abbruzzetti S, & Viappiani C (2015) Subdiffraction localization of a nanostructured photosensitizer in bacterial cells Sci. Rep. 5:15564.
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