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Francesco Maione

Francesco Maione
Tel. number(s)  905218
(skype) francescomaione89
Room number (codice CIPE) (3S32)1 013
Tutor Prof. Roberto De Pietri
Research project
Binary neutron star mergers simulations using public codes.
My research project consists in the study of the final phase of binary neutron stars coalescensce and the study of the physics of the post-merger remnant (either an hyper-massive neutron star or a black-hole surrounded by an accretion disk) with general relativistic numerical simulations.
This study is particularly interesting to model the gravitational waves emission of those systems and compare those numerical signals to the forthcoming detections by LIGO/VIRGO interpherometers. It is also important to investigate the matter composition of the neutron stars core, whose equation of state is currently unknown.
All my simulations are done with free, open source community software (the LORENE library and The Einstein Toolkit), and all the software improvements and the post-processing tools developed by me and the rest of my research group and open source as well and available on our Subversion server.
  1. Loeffler, De Pietri, Feo, Maione, Franci; Stiffness effects on the dynamics of the bar mode instability of neutron stars in general relativity; Phys. Rev. D 91, 064057
  2. De Pietri, Feo, Maione, Loeffler; Modeling equal and unequal mass binary neutron star mergers using public codes; Phys. Rev. D 93, 064047
  3. Maione, De Pietri, Feo, Loeffler; Binary neutron star merger simulations with different initial orbital frequency and equation of state; arxiv:1605.03424, submitted to Classical and Quantum Gravity.
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