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Greta Rosa

Greta Rosa
Tel. number: +39 0521905257
Skype: greta.rosa87
Room number (codice CIPE): 13-03-0-029
Tutor Prof. Alessio Bosio
Research project
Polycrystalline solar cells based on CdTe and CuInGaSe2 (CIGS).
The aim of my PhD research project is the implementation of thin-film solar cells CdTe- and CIGS-based, made at the Thin-Film Laboratory of the University of Parma. In particular, my research has the purpose to achieve three main objectives: 
1. Implementation of high performing CdTe-based devices, realized through the Close-Spaced Sublimation (CSS) technique and Sputtering, improving both the passivation of the grain boundaries and the back contact.
2. Implementation of high efficiency (> 16%) CIGS-based devices with the aim to export the fabrication technique developed on soda-lime glass and ceramics substrates, also on flexible substrate, such as metal foils.
3. The deposition by sputtering of Delafossite (CuGaO2) as transparent conducting oxide (TCO) for photovoltaic and electronic applications.
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