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Ilaria Menozzi

Ilaria Menozzi

Tel. number(s)   3311389020

Tel Ufficio: 0521-905162

Email   ilaria.menozzi@studenti.unipr.it

Room number (codice CIPE)

Tutor Eugenia Polverini
Co-tutor Rodolfo Berni
Research project
The research project aims at describing how local and global structure stability and dynamics affect ligand binding by proteins. In particular we aim at the elucidation of molecular events and dynamic and thermodynamic features associated with the binding of retinol to CRBPs and RBP4 and of thyroxine to TTR. These systems are significant examples of protein-ligand binding. CRBPs and RBP4 are representative, respectively, of two most diverse families of proteins, which bind a large variety of lipophilic ligands ranging from retinol to fatty acids, steroids, odorants, pheromones or other small organic molecules. TTR possesses the peculiar property of binding a number of chemically diverse ligands, for which a large body of evidence has been presented to indicate that they may be effective as inhibitors of TTR amyloidogenesis by interacting with thyroxine binding sites and stabilizing the TTR tetramer. The study of these systems is achieved both by using well established experimental and computational methodologies and by developing methodologies which will be applied and tested on the systems under study.
  1. Franco Bisceglie,  Anastasia Musiari, Silvana Pinelli,  Rossella Alinovi,  Ilaria Menozzi, Eugenia Polverini, Pieralberto Tarasconi,  Matteo Tavone, Giorgio Pelosi (2015) Quinoline-2-carboxaldehyde thiosemicarbazones and their Cu(II) and Ni(II) complexes as topoisomerase IIa inhibitor, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 152:10-19.
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