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Di Santo Serena

Name Serena Di Santo
Tel. number(s) 0521 905206; +34 693035150
(skype) serena.disanto14
Room number  (3S19-20)1 001 (Physics building)
Tutor  Prof. Raffaella Burioni
Co-tutor Prof. Miguel Angel Muñoz
Research project
We are investigating spatially extended stochastic bistable systems, with the specific purpose of understanding some of the fundamental functional features of neural networks. Our aim is to give the description of some general mechanisms, in the simplest model at hand and subsequently progressively make this model closer and closer to the physiology of neural cortical tissues, according to the experimental results. Some of the topics we address are the role of inhibition and of synaptic plasticity as well as the function played by the structural properties of the network. Moreover we are focusing on the aspects of criticality that have been shown to describe some characteristics of the neural activity, aiming at specifying some important details and properties found in this framework and gaining deeper insight in the mechanisms by which the system self-organizes to a singular point.
  1. R.Burioni, S.Di Santo, S.Lepri, A.Vezzani, Scattering ltngths and universality in superdiffusiva Lévy materials, 2012, Phys. Rev. E 86, 031125
  2. R.Burioni, S.Di Santo, M.di Volo, A.Vezzani, A microscopic mechanism for self-organized quasi periodicity in random networks of non linear oscillators, 2014, Phys. Rev. E 90, 042918
  3. S.Di Santo, R.Burioni, A.Vezzani, M.A.Muñoz, Self-organized Bistability, 2016, arXiv:1605.05161 Accepted in PRL.
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