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Onuorah Ifeanyi John


Tel. number(s) 0521 906067

Email: ifeanyijohn.onuorah@studenti.unipr.it, onuorahanyi@yahoo.com

Room number : 0 044 (Physics building)

Tutor: Prof. Roberto De Renzi

Co-tutor: Dott. Pietro Bonfa

Research project 

Density Functional Theory (DFT) for muon spectroscopy

Generally, the project involves both simulations and experiments designed to validate the ab initio approaches used to support the analysis of muon spin rotation and relaxation experiments. Particularly, DFT together with other ab initio methods allow the identification of muon localization sites in crystalline materials. I apply this method to a number of relevant cases ranging from simple textbook cases to materials of current scientific interest. The predictions will be validated by comparison with the corresponding experimental results for the local fields and the relaxation rates
probed by the muon in these materials.

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