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Elena Bertolotti


Bertolotti Elena

Tel. 0521 905206

Email: elena.bertolotti1@difest.unipr.it

Room number (3S19-20)1 001 (Physics building)

Tutor                    dr. Alessandro Vezzani

Co-tutor              prof. Raffaella Burioni

Research project

My research area is statistical physics and complex systems and currently my specific topic of interest concerns the dynamics of neural networks. My Ph.D. project aims to see through numerical simulations how dynamics and synchronization properties of a neural network change if the interactions structure of the system is modified, especially if some nodes with a high number of connections and an inhibitory character are present. The starting idea is based on recent studies (Bonifazi P. et al., Science, 2009), which experimentally prove the existence in some cerebral areas of populations of specific inhibitory neurons, called hubs, with a number of connections which is really much higher than the average of the network and which carry out a regulatory function for the whole system.

Synchronization is one of the most surprising phenomena that occurs in systems of coupled oscillators and it happens when its individual elements show a common or a temporal correlated evolution. Synchronization phenomena appear in different systems and particularly in the brain tissue, where are linked, depending on the area in which they occur, with cognitive processes, as such memory, or malfunction phases, such as epileptic seizures.

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